The chance to win an Epson EH projector

By November 22nd, voting for the best devices, apps, and services will take place in the 2015 Tech Awards poll. Anyone who takes part in it has the chance to win attractive prizes.

The $ 800 Epson EH-TW5350 projector is one of the prizes that will draw the vote. The unit will display a Full HD image resolution of up to 332 inches. The advanced features of the projector allow you to control it with your smartphone or tablet, and display the image wirelessly from your mobile device. The Epson EH-TW5350 also supports 3D technology.

In order to have the chance to win this and many other prizes, you still have to vote for the best tech products of the year on the Tech Awards page. In addition, every voter can receive a $ 12 code for Uber trips. The results of the poll will be announced on December 9 during a solemn gala.…


Facebook will make money on posts

So far Facebook has made a profit on its users, but soon it may change. The media reports that the company plans to introduce a new Instant Articles feature that makes it much easier to post posts from mobile devices so users will be able to monetize them.

The speculation has been triggered by a poll sent out by the portal, which suggests that Facebook can allow users to receive subsidies directly on postings that will provide them with extra income or make charitable donations.

The survey also points out that Facebook is also considering other monetization methods, such as post ads. However, the offer will probably only be for verified users of the portal (marked with a blue bird at the profile name), so not every account holder will be able to use it.

It is impossible to hide that Facebook has recently increased the presence of ads on the portal, but until now all profits have been collected for themselves. Sharing them with the users would be a completely new thing for him, although other social platforms have offered this opportunity for a long time.…


The best laptop from Windows is … MacBook Pro

One must admit that it is a paradox that a device that is not designed for the Microsoft system wins.

Soluto has created a report that shows that the best laptop for Windows is the MacBook Pro. How it’s possible?

150,000 laptops were ported to this report. They were looking at them for three months. The hardware hanged at that time 224,144 times, and the testers 84,251 times saw the blue screen.

Soluto explained why she thought the MacBook Pro victory. It had a significant advantage over its competitors because the Windows installed on it was clean. It does not contain all the software that Microsoft’s laptops manufacturers add. So the manufacturers were responsible for the suspension and their modifications?

The MacBook Pro scored 1.05 hangs per week, while the Acer Aspire E1-571, which came in at No. 1.12. The third place belongs to the Dell XPS13, which hangs on average 1.28 times a week. In general, Dell dominated the ranking.

A full report of this project can be found on Soluto’s website.

Do such analyzes make sense?…


Electronic locks are not safe

Electronic door locks are not safe at all. During the DefCon conference, hackers have shown low security. They discovered that the locks hold the password in open text and can very easily be taken over.

Electronic door locks with Bluetooth technology seem to be a very convenient solution. They allow you to enter the house without using a key, and also share digital keys with family and friends. But these devices are not safe, which was presented at the conference DefCon Anthony Rose.

Rose has purchased 16 models of these castles, and then thoroughly tested them with partner Ben Ramsey. The test results turned out to be frightening, as there were virtually no security holes in the 12 locks or there were gaps that allowed them to take control and extract keys.

Four Quicklock Door Lock, Quicklock Padloock, iLluLock Padlock and Plantraco PhantomLock are password-protected, with open text. Quicklock products were particularly vulnerable because Rose was able to change the admin password and lock the user. The only way to reset the lock was to remove the battery, which was only possible when the door was open.

Four other locks were prone to repetitive attacks, including the Ceomate Bluetooth Smartlock, the Elecycle Smart Padlock, the Viking Bluetooth Smart Doorlock, and the Laguna Sciener Smart Doorlock. Some of them even had encryption, but that did not matter anyway, since the hacker could easily intercept the password.

Only four locks have been tampered with by hackers: Noke Padlock, Masterlock Padlock, Kevlar Doorlock and August Doorlock. It is worth mentioning, however, that the previous version of the Quixet could have been opened by pressing the screwdriver into the keyhole. In the case of August, another specialist was able to upgrade the guest account to the owner level by uploading the software. Fortunately, the gap has already been patched.…


First benchmark Huawei Kirin 950

Huawei is another smartphone manufacturer that creates its own mobile processors. His latest Kirin 950 has just emerged in the first benchmark, demonstrating its superiority over the Exynos 7420 processor developed by Samsung engineers.

Most smartphone manufacturers install in their devices external processors, most often from Qualcomm or much cheaper MediaTek. Some companies, however, prefer to design their systems themselves, thus having more control over the performance of the entire device, as well as reducing the cost of their production.

So is Samsung, as well as Huawei Chinese company, which has been working on the new Kirin 950 for some time. The processor has just appeared in the GeekBench benchmark and has been tested on the NXT-AL10 motherboard.

In the one core test scored 1710 points, while many cores 6245 points. The performance of the new system is impressive, as it demonstrates that it is much stronger not only from Samsung’s Exynos 7420 (1486/4970), but also from the latest Snapdragon 820, which received 1731/4970 points respectively. It does not match the latest Samsung Exynos M1 Mongoose, which scored 2294/6908 respectively.…


Tesla plans rebranding?

So it was clear that the American manufacturer of electric cars is commonly called Tesla, although the company is actually called Tesla Motors. However, if Elon Musk is otherwise, Elton Musk is likely to legitimately endorse it and, as reported by the American media, may decide to rebrand the company he manages.

Reuters journalists at ICANN have found that the American company has changed its main domain and instead of just now it’s just after the change to corporate Twitter that Elona Muska announced that he had made the main plan.

Brand rebranding would not be such a big surprise. A similar step in 2007 was decided by Apple, which changed its name from the previously used Apple Computer. The Cupertino company did so before the launch of the iPhone, because the new name was shorter and easier to remember.…


Miniature sensor detects outdated meat

Although the appearance of refrigerators significantly increased the shelf life of meat, but how much food did not announce our independence yet, at first glance difficult to detect the first signs of deterioration. Therefore, MIT chemists have developed a special sensor that will help in this.

MIT specialists have created a tool that will not satisfy stores offering outdated meat. In their labs they have developed a very functional sensor to determine if our meat is indeed fresh or has already started to degrade.

The device uses carbon nanotubes as well as their special property that the flow of electric current in the circuit is limited by the presence of a specific type of gas.

This makes it easy to detect its presence, and these specific nanotubes have been modified with a special metal compound called metalloporphyrin. This allows you to detect the onset of decay in such meats as pork, beef, chicken, salmon and cod. In short, the sensor is able to determine whether the meat is still fit for consumption or whether it is worth getting rid of in order not to harm it.…


New electrode for solar cells

Researchers at RMIT University have developed a new type of electrode for solar cells. Their invention is highly efficient, which will greatly increase the efficiency of solar panels.

Photovoltaics has been gaining popularity for a few years now, but it is still not a solution that can completely power our home, allowing us to become independent of power plants and power networks. Yes, there are large and extensive installations, but we will not use them in our own homes. With these smaller tracks are not able to produce the right amount of energy to meet our needs.

The engineers at RMIT University have, however, managed to solve this problem. Thanks to the use of graphene and special fractal structures, they have created a prototype of a new electrode that will reduce the size and increase the flexibility of modern photovoltaic systems.

Experiments have shown that the prototype of a new electrode can increase the storage capacity of supercondensadds by up to 30 times compared to existing solutions. Thanks to this, it is possible to store energy for a long time and to make it available quickly when needed, eg during a cloudy day. And since the electrode is made of a layer of graphene of just one atom thickness, it is thin and very flexible.…


Qualcomm changes the naming of its processors

Qualcomm has recently announced several new processor models designed for mid-range devices, including the Snapdragon 618 and 620. However, the company decided that their names might be somewhat misleading, and therefore decided to change them.

Qualcomma offers a wide range of mobile processor models for the low, mid and high end devices, with 2, 4, 6 and eight cores.

The most common models are the mid-range models and will soon include two completely new Snapdragon 618 and 620 chips with six cores. The company, however, believes that their naming can be a bit confusing as some consumers may find that they are just minor modifications to their previous chips. In the meantime, many changes were made to them, which made them much more technologically advanced products.…


Samsung announces monthly security updates

In recent months the number of threats for Android-powered devices has increased significantly, so manufacturers have announced that they will be releasing monthly security patches. Samsung has just published a list of their products that will receive such updates.

Android from month to month is becoming less and less secure operating system and almost every moment we read in the media another loopholes for hackers. So Google was the first to announce monthly updates to major security updates for Nexus, and another smartphone manufacturer soon followed.

Samsung has just introduced a list of its own devices that will be able to count on such monthly updates on Android security issues. The fixes will be received from the Galaxy S family (S6 edge +, S6, S6 edge, S5), Galaxy Note (Note 5, Note 4, Note edge) and Galaxy Tab (Tab S2, Tab S).

So far this is all South Korean giant’s products that will receive security patches. However, the company announces that other models will be expanded in the future.…